Montana Black Cans X POW! WOW! HAWAII

Montana Black Cans X POW! WOW! HAWAII

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Limited Collabo series can Hawaii 2016

Montana Cans spray cans stand out due to many factors, not the least of which is the design. For the creation of the sleek litho design, the can has become the canvas. What better way is there to honor artists or collaboration partners then dedicating the design of a very special can to them. This has been Montana Cans’ principle on quite a few occasions, resulting in the creation of the Montana Cans COLLABO series, which is now releasing its latest addition. The newest can of the line is dedicated in support of a brilliant festival. For the 2016 POW! WOW! festival, in addition to being supplied with cans, they are also the recipient of a very special can for the occasion: the POW! WOW! can, as a symbol of the great collaboration between POW! WOW! and Montana Cans.

The "POW! WOW! Hawaii" festival is an annual event featuring an amazing line-up representing fantastic quality. The festival is made up of a diverse spectrum of events, such as gallery shows, lectures, schools for art and music, mural projects, concerts and live art installations, pool party gatherings, live paintings and additional talks. Co-founders Jasper Wong and Kamea Hadar claim that "POW! WOW!" has become synonymous with "a gathering that celebrates culture, music and art", and the streets of Honolulu have an abundance to show for it.

The color of the can was chosen to coordinate with the colors of the festival’s logo, which resulted in the choice of Montana Can’s BLK 4040 Black Pimp Violet. The design of the can is minimalistic, yet effective, sporting the POW! WOW! logo in white on the Pimp Violet base. This year’s festival starts on Feb, 6th and the participating artists will be supplied with this special edition can. A limited quantity will also be available for purchase - for instance in the POW! WOW! shop. It will definitely be a challenge to get one’s hands on one of these cans though, making them a true collector’s item for fans. Montana Cans is proud to be a partner of Pow! Wow! and to support this fantastic event.